Spring Play is on June 9th!
 Costume and Set designers, Stage Crew and Marketing team members needed - sign up ends Friday April 29th.
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This is not your grade school theater club

Students take a lead

Students are involved in all aspects of the production.

Spring Play:
The Quiz that Almost Killed Me
A short Comedy by  MG Davidson

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How Can Students Get Involved?

Many ways - not just performing

Theater Parents?

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Whitman's Auditorium seats 660, has a large stage, multiple curtain wings, a large soundboard, colored stage lights and even a spotlight!

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Fall Play Recap:

Thank you to the 41 actors and 13 behind the scenes students who made our fall play a success!  The Zoom broadcasts were enjoyed by many family and friends.  

****Spring Play update:***

This Spring we will be doing another comedy by the same author as the fall play.  We just heard that we ARE allowed to meet in person!  The actor registration is closed but students can still sign up for the creative, behind the scenes roles. 

The Performance is Thursday June 9th at 6p.

Stage Crew, Costume designers, Set designers and Marketing Team will meet once a week during one of the following times: Th Advisory, or Tuesday or Friday after school.


Last school year: 

The winter session of the Remote Theater Club went well and we offered a second session that culminated in a Live Radio Play via Zoom!  The students performed, "Sorry, Wrong Number!" and the Zoom broadcast to family and friends featured commercials and background art done by students.  

Finally, Thank you to all the students on the Theater Planning Committee who met for 3 months in early 2020.  Your thoughtful discussions and detailed planning were essential in figuring out the logistics for this program.  Those of you who were in the Class of 2020 and 2021 - even though you were not able to perform on the Whitman stage - you have paved the way for this program to be a success for years to come!  We are forever grateful for your contributions!